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About Rose of Sharon


You’re here because you want a beautiful event. And you want planning that beautiful event to be easy!

You’ve scrolled through Pinterest & Instagram. You’ve saved things you like. You’ve tried to visualize how it’s all going to look.

But truthfully, when it comes to pulling it all together, you’re lost. There are just too many choices! And not enough time. You’re busy with the rest of your life and now you’re planning a wedding on top of that. Every florist you talk to gives you more ideas & nobody seems to be talking about the same thing or listening to what you want. And pricing…well, it’s all over the place!

You really just want to enjoy the day you get married!

You’re not sure what you need, where to get it, or how much it will cost. No wonder you’re exhausted and overwhelmed.

Planning a wedding (or event) doesn’t have to be that hard.

For 21 years, Rose of Sharon has been known for listening to our clients, for exceeding expectations, and making the whole process easier. Our clients consistently say that we are the one vendor that made the planning process less stressful and that our flowers were even more beautiful than they expected.

We can do the same for you.

Hi, I’m Althea. I’ve been a florist for over 20 years, designing amazing arrangements, creating beautiful bouquets and working with wonderful flowers; I can’t imagine doing anything else! My goal is to make your wedding day just a little bit easier and a LOT more beautiful.  I LOVE the big events. The planning, the details, the coordination that it takes to transform a bland space into a wonderland--that amazes me and my soul sings to be a part of that. I LOVE being a part of your love story. To help you say 'I love you' to that person who makes YOUR soul sing--that completes me. 

Meet Althea (owner & head designer) and the rest of her team below.

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Our Team


Althea Wiles, Owner/Head Designer


I can't remember a time when flowers weren't a part of my life.  Starting with my name--'Rose of Sharon' is the common name for the Althea, a flowering shrub. (My favorite Rose of Sharon variety is the pure white 'Diana' but our logo is based on the 'Aphrodite' lavender Rose of Sharon.) 

Growing up, my parents owned a wholesale nursery and they grew quite a few of the plants themselves.   During the summers, I would raid the day lily beds.  Of course, day lilies really do only last one day, so I had to make a new arrangement every day.  One of the things I love about fresh flowers, is that they are both constantly changing as the blooms mature and they are perishable, making room for a new beautiful thing. 

In my college years, 1994 to be exact, I  volunteered at a local shop in during Spring Break.  After Spring Break was over, I was offered a part time job. (I guess 40 free hours of work really does show dedication!)   After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Hendrix College, I then earned my Arkansas Master Florist Certification in 1996, and then returned home to Fayetteville. Four years of work in traditional floral shops made me realize that I really enjoyed event work most of all. The local shops were all general florists, with gifts, houseplants, daily delivery and the like. I decided to start my own business where I could focus on weddings and other events. In April of 1998, the Rose of Sharon, Event Florist opened. I designed four weddings that year. Now, we average between 75 and 100 weddings and events each year.

I believe that floral design should enhance the beauty of nature, not change it or force it into submission.  That's why every design is an original. 


Anna, Virtual Assistant

Anna is my right hand woman and all-around sanity saver.  She handles anything that it's possible to handle that's not physically in the shop.  Anna used to live here and was my shop assistant/designer-in-training and I just couldn't let her go when she moved!

She aslo recenly had her first child! Isn’t he adorable?


Kathyrn, Shop Assistant

Kathryn is our all around junior in-house assistant. She helps keep the shop looking great, our coolers fresh and clean, and with any general chores that pop up along the way.   


Kaity, Shop Assistant / Designer-in-training / Floral Engineer

Kaity is the newest addition to the team.  She is our assistant florist-in-training & our all around in-house assistant.  Kaity is a professional photographer by trade (check out her beautiful work HERE).  Many of our newest in-shop images were taken by Kaity.   She’s also my go-to person for figuring out problems and making props.


Sam, Shop Puppy

Sam loves children, pickled ginger and assisting with consultations.  He also enjoys belly rubs and isn't shy about asking for one!

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Out & About

Rose of Sharon in the wild


Althea Wiles, Owner/Head Designer

Althea Wiles is a master certified florist who has run Rose of Sharon AR Event Florist for more than 20 years. She specializes in weddings, corporate events, and other occasions requiring expertly designed & beautiful flowers. She’s been featured in media across the web, as well as being a featured artist for Art in Bloom at the prestigious Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Here is a sampling of Althea’s recent appearances:

“I believe that floral design should enhance the beauty of nature, not change it or force it into submission.  That's why every design is an original.”


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