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Skip to the head of the class by working with an experienced floral designer & shop owner

You love floral design but running a business is so not your thing!

You started your business because you love flower designing but it turns out that there's more to the business than just making pretty things!

Basically, you've got the creative design skills but too much of your time is spent on paperwork/office work/accounting/management/writing proposals/and interacting with clients—pretty much everything except design.

Do you wish that things were easier and actually make money in what was meant to be a dream job? I get it.

Meet Tammie. Tammie has been a florist for only a few years. She still has a full-time job, making her floral work a side gig. Tammie would love to be able to leave her other job & support herself as a florist. But to make that happen, she must know that her floral work is profitable. And that’s even harder. Which is why I want to help you.

And on top of that, being the new kid is hard. You love what you do but it feels like everyone else already knows the secret sauce while you're left standing outside, peering in, just wanting to be a part of something beautiful.


Hi, I’m Althea Wiles, owner of Rose of Sharon Floral Design Studio and I began my floral career 25 years ago. I was lucky enough to work under a man with 30+ years in the floral industry who was willing to share his knowledge. This wonderful man took me under his wing & began training me. He insisted that I learned how to do things ‘right’ not just ‘pretty.’ Now, I am in a place where I can share my knowledge and experience with other florists like you.


Introducing my private 1:1 mentorship

This is a mentorship where you will gain confidence in your ability to run a profitable small creative business as well as design flowers that everyone talks about.

You'll finally have a place where you don't have to be afraid to speak up and ask questions, where you won't get laughed at, judged or told to go play somewhere else.

We’ll work to strengthen your design skills and teach you my processes to make your designs mechanically sound as well as beautiful. At the same time, we’ll work on learning which systems are necessary to keep you sane as a small business owner. And we’ll practice the hard stuff together until you’re comfortable with it.

When we work together, you get:

  • A safe, non-judgmental place to explore options and ask questions

  • Private feedback on questions, concerns, ideas and designs

  • Tips, tricks & pointers I’ve learned during the past 25 years as a florist

  • Information about systems that can help improve efficiency, reduce worktime, and make running a business more enjoyable

  • Email support

  • Video & phone training and/or support sessions

How can I support you?

  • Individual 1-hour session: $247

  • Time bank (block of hours to be used as needed) $197/hr

    • Minimum of 5 hrs


Do I need to be in your area to train with you?

Nope. I’m a strong believer in making technology work for me. We’ll work through Zoom Video Conferencing & email for the most part. (If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, we can talk about in-person training as well.)

How long does the program last? Each client has different needs, so each program is uniquely tailored to YOU. You can schedule single hour or purchase a block of time to be used as needed.

How do I know if this program is a good fit for me?

You're READY to learn & willing to be coached.

  • You’re new to floral design and want start to your own business. We’ll work to strengthen your design skills and teach you some of the processes I use to make your designs mechanically sound as well as beautiful. At the same time, we’ll work on learning which systems are necessary to keep you sane as a small business owner.

  • You’ve been a florist for a while, you’re confident in your design skills and you’re ready to own your own shop. We’ll focus on the systems you need as a small business owner and work together on learning to boss.

  • You’re an experienced florist and a business owner but you feel that your creative side is being smothered by the business side. You want to get a handle on that so you can get back to what you love. Together, we’ll delve into what works best for you, guide you as you get everything in place, hold you accountable when needed, and hold space for you to grow (as uncomfortable as that sometimes is.)

It’s not a good fit if… You have no desire to do the work. My goal is to help you learn how to be a better florist and/or business owner. It’s not to do the work for you.


Althea graciously reached out to offer her mentorship when I mentioned I would be ever so grateful to have a seasoned florist help me through a couple of weddings. I am SO thankful for her kindness and mentorship. She helped keep me on track with my ordering (so I actually made money!), she reviewed my recipes and made suggestions, and even shared tips about mechanics, etc. What was so wonderful was that we did this through ZOOM, so it was like being in person, but I could do it from my studio. She was WONDERFUL to work with, and so worth the investment! Thank you, Althea, for so freely sharing your time and experience with this newbie! I am ever so grateful. If any of you newbies out there have any questions, please feel free to reach out. And contact Althea! You’ll be glad you did!
— Tammie, 2019 client

By the way, Tammie made money after just 2 calls.


Want to make sure we're a good fit before purchasing? Let's jump on the phone for a short get-to-know-each-other call. I want to learn more! Together, let's design a course that works to strengthen YOU.

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