Design Workshops

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We offer two types of individual classes: Bridal / Large Event Workshops and Private Design Lessons.

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The Bridal / Large Event Workshops are designed to help the Do-It-Yourself bride or host. This class is structured to focus on an event or design of your choice. After deciding on the style of arrangement and the flowers you want to use for the event, we will show you how to create that design, using the flowers you've chosen. This allows you to plan enough time to create multiple arrangements for the event. While created with weddings in mind, this class would be helpful for any event you are hosting (or helping with) that needs multiple arrangements.

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For the first two students, this class is $50.00 per hour per group plus materials for each group member. For three or more students (maximum of 12 students), it is $75.00 per hour per group plus materials for each group member. Specific material costs will be determined once style and flowers are chosen. A half hour consultation is included. Generally, less than two hours is sufficient. However, with more students, we will need to allow more time.


The Private Design Lessons are general how-to classes. They focus on specific design elements, principles, and techniques. With the student(s) we will determine an area of design that you are interested in (traditional centerpieces, vase arrangements, or contemporary arrangements, for example), but materials will be based on availability and cost. The student can book as many lessons as desired. This class is $50.00 per student, and runs 1 to 1.5 hours each class. Additional costs may be added (with advance notice) for special materials.

With both classes, you get to keep the arrangements that you produce.

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