Design Classes, Workshops,

DIY Coaching, & Mentoring


Private Design Lessons.

The Private Design Lessons are general how-to classes. They focus on specific design elements, principles, and techniques. You pick the area of design that you are interested in (traditional centerpieces, vase arrangements, or contemporary arrangements, for example). This class is $75.00 per student, and runs 1 to 1.5 hours each class. Additional costs may be added (with advance notice) for special materials. Private Design Lessons can be scheduled for individuals or small groups.  These classes are pefect for small groups of friends or family who want to experiece the joys of floral design.

Bridal / Large Event Workshops 

The Event Workshops are designed to help the Do-It-Yourself bride or host. This class is structured to focus on YOUR event, YOUR preferred flowers, and YOUR design style.

We start with a free consultation to review the details. After working with you to determine the best flowers for your event date, style and budget, we source and order your flowers. Then during the class, we show you how to create that design, using the flowers you've chosen. While created with weddings in mind, this class would be helpful for any event you are hosting (or helping with) that needs multiple arrangements.  

Workshops are generally 2-4 hours long and costs depend on the specific designs, flowers & size of the group. Workshops are generally for larger groups of 6 or more.  However, we're tailoring this to YOU, so just ask if you need something else!  

workshop 2

DIY Coaching 

Our new DIY Coaching packages take the Design Workshops up a level (or two).

We still start with a short consultation to decide if this is the right path for you. During this conversation, we’ll provide you with detialed pricing for various service options as well as help you decide how much help you need. Next, we’ll dive deep and determine what you need to create your wedding (or event) floral decor. We provide you with a shopping list for all your flowers and supplies AND recipes for your designs. You can take it from here OR book a workshop. (See above for workshop details). Finally, for local clients, we offer on-site, day-of hands-on help for your event. Yep, we’ll come to YOU and guide you in making all your designs. And you can book us for as many hours as you need!

The initial consultation is free. Contact us to receive a pricelist of additional services and to schedule your consultation.

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If interested in booking one or more classes, please click here to complete the CONTACT FORM.

Floral Coach / Mentor

**New program**

I began my floral career 25 years ago. I was lucky enough to work under a man with 30+ years in the floral industry who was willing to share his knowledge. This wonderful man took me under his wing & began training me. He insisted that I learned how to do things ‘right’ not just ‘pretty.’ Now, I am in a place where I can share my knowledge and experience with other florists.

The knowledge is old but the program is new.

A coach holds space for you to learn and grow. A mentor guides, advises and trains the student. Let’s do both!

How do you know if this program is a good fit for you?

  • It’s a good fit if…

    • You’re new to floral design and want start your own business. We’ll work to strengthen your design skills and teach you some tips and tricks to make your designs mechanically sound as well as beautiful. At the same time, we’ll work on learning which systems are necessary to keep you sane as a small business owner.

    • You’ve been a florist for a while, you’re confident in your design skills and you’re ready to own your own shop. We’ll focus on the systems you need as a small business owner and work together on learning to boss.

    • You’re a florist and a business owner but you feel that you’re creative side is being smothered by the business side and you need to get a handle on that so you can get back to what you love. Together, we’ll delve into what works best for you, guide you as you get everything in place, hold you accountable when needed, and hold space for you to grow (as uncomfortable as that sometimes is.)

  • It’s not a good fit if…

    • You have no desire to do the work. Our goal is to help you learn how to be a better florist and/or business owner. It’s not to do the work for you.

Do I need to be in your area to train with you?

  • Nope. I’m a strong beliver in making technology work for me. We’ll work through Zoom Video Confrencing & email for the most part. (If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, we can talk about in-person training as well.)

How long does the progam last?

  • Since this is a new program, I’m starting with 1 month, 3 month & 6 month commitments. We’ll go from there.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s start with a conversation to decide if this is the right path for you AND if you and I are a good match. Then we’ll design a course that works to strengthen you. The initial conversation is free. Contact me to schedule your consultation.