DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Coaching



We still start with a short consultation to decide if this is the right path for you. During this conversation, we’ll provide you with detialed pricing for various service options as well as help you decide how much help you need. This consultation is free and there’s no obligation.



If together we detemine that you definately want to create your wedding (or event) floral decor, we’ll meet and discuss the details. All of our meetings will be through Zoom Video (a service similar to Skype). During this meeting, we’ll determine what you want to design, how many flowers you need, what additional supplies will be needed and any other details relevant to your event. Within 48 hours of our meeting, you’ll receive a personalized shopping list and recipes for your designs.

  • Maximize your order so you don’t end up with too many leftover flowers OR run out of critical flowers.

  • Feel confident that the designs match your skill level. (You can hire us to fill in the blanks)

  • Know which flowers work together and which flowers can be problimatic

  • Have a list of substitutions available that won’t destroy the entire plan


This service is for clients local to Northwest Arkansas.

We offer on-site, day-of hands-on help for your event. Yep, we’ll come to YOU and guide you in making all your designs. And you can book us for as many hours as you need!

  • 3 hour minimum $225

  • Additional time $75/hr (Discounts available for booking in 3-hour blocks)

  • Peace of mind knowing a professional is available to make sure everything runs smoothly, designs are well-made, and ‘bobbles’ are handled.

Additional Services


Purchase your flowers from us and we'll make sure that the quality is top-notch, the flowers are unpacked, cut, placed in a floral food solution, stored at the proper temperature, and ready to be used by you. You can even rent our buckets.

We also sell floral supplies such as knives, clippers, foam and vases. Basically, if you want to design your own wedding flowers, we’re here to make it easy.


Need us to design your bouquet, boutonnières and corsages, while you design the centerpieces? We can do that, too. With our Hybrid DIY Events, you get the assurance that all your flowers match plus you don't have to worry about the most time consuming and most technical part of designing--the personal flowers.  We will help you decide on specific pieces, then we design some items and order flowers in bulk for the other items.  You save money and have piece of mind knowing you have quality flowers that coordinate across the event.  

Our wedding flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Althea really worked with us to figure out our vision and to fit our budget! The flowers were so beautiful, better than anything I imagined!
— Bride

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