How do I book my event with you?

1. Pre-consultation.

When you first contact us, we will email you a form to complete before meeting. This form gives us the background information we need, including contact information, location specifics, event times, number of guests, wedding style, bridal party specifics (number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, etc). Please complete this form as soon as possible so that we can start thinking of ideas to show you. It only takes a few minutes to fill it out.

2. Consultation.

Next we’ll meet with you and iron out all the details. Usually, we meet at our shop, but if you live out of town, we can set up a video or phone conference. If you have a planner or coordinator, please feel free to bring them with you. You are welcome to bring family, trusted friends and/or members of your bridal party. However, the more people involved, the harder it is to reach a consensus and the longer the consultation will take. We recommend no more than one or two additional people attend. We also recommend that you do not bring young children, they are not often interested and we don’t have a play area for them.

3. Design Proposal & Estimate.

After we’ve gathered your information, noted the things you like and don’t like, gone over photos and ideas, we’ll create a design proposal unique to your wedding. This proposal will include estimates for each item discussed as well as additional fees that may apply (such as delivery and set-up).  This will be emailed to you a few days after our meeting. (We try to send your proposal within just a couple of days, but if a lot of research is required, we may take a bit longer.)  We'll also help you decide which items and options best fit your budget and your desires so that you get the best possible wedding decor.

4. Contract.

To reserve our services for your date, you will need to complete the contract, which will be included in your proposal. This can be done at any point. For busy wedding months, we recommend doing this as soon as possible. Once you've reserved the date and received the proposal, let us know if there are any changes you want to make...and since planning a wedding is a process, there generally are changes!

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