Too Many Vases In Your Closets?

We are happy to announce that we are starting a Vase Recycling Program!  

It is easy to accumulate too many vases without even knowing how it happens; they are too good to throw away but taking up valuable storage space.  Rose of Sharon has the solution to this problem!!  Simply bring in any vases you don’t want or use and we will do one of the following with them:
-          If they are of a quality that can be re-used by us, we will give you a credit for your next floral purchase.

-          If they cannot be re-used, we will donate them to the Peace at Home Thrift Shop, where proceeds are donated to the battered women’s shelter.

-          If they cannot be re-used or donated, we will take them to the recycling facility.

So when you clean out your closets and cupboards this Spring, give your old vases a new purpose by bringing them in to Rose of Sharon!

Please call us at 479.973.0588 before bringing in your vases.  We are often on location and would hate to miss you.