Spring Wedding & Design Show

Earlier this month I attended the Spring Wedding & Design Show hosted by Mears Floral Products in Springfiled MO.

The show was tons of fun--it's always a joy to hang out with other people who are interested (i.e. passionate) about the same things interest me!

Some of the great ideas I picked up....

How perfect is this for a flower girl?  It could be used any time of year just by changing the flower.  And it gives your flower girl a wonderful keepsake.  The flowers pictured here are silk, making a great keepsake, but we could easily create a similar look with fresh blooms.

Also a great twist on the traditional Easter basket...

With proms fast approaching, we learned some great techniques for creating custom bracelets (again, a great keepsake) and hairpieces.  Flowers of your choice can be added to these decorative wire bases.  Some of the detail is difficult to see in the photo, but trust me--these are very intricate designs!  This was probably my favorite segment of the show.  I can't wait to try some of these designs for the upcoming proms around here!

Are you planning on DIY florals for an upcoming event?  Here's an easy but unusual vase...and we can supply all the materials needed.  Materials included a silk poppy blossom, decorative wire, a small square vase and colored stick 'confetti.'

We also saw some of the options for using decorative wire in wedding bouquets.  Perfect for a modern/contemporary bride.  And the wire is available in a wide range of colors.  This wire can also be used in vase arrangements, corsages, and pretty much any floral design you can imagine.  Wonderful new product! (It's actually be around for a few years, but is gaining popularity by the day.)

See something you like?  Have questions about any of the designs or items mentioned?  If so, comment away!