My Furry Family

I missed posting last week.  And I realized I was just tired of thinking about flowers last Monday.  (Mother's Day, Weddings, Events, etc.)  While I LOVE flowers and designing, sometimes, I just need a break.  So this week I'm posting about something other than flowers...the cute & cuddly members of my family.

Laney: the best cuddle pup EVER.  She's almost 11 and will always be my little puppy.


She REALLY likes peanut butter...

Putter: has the best attitude.  I want to come back as a Putter in my next life.  If I'm ever in a bad mood, his cheerfullness, his contentment with life is inspiring.

Putter got his name because he found Jason on the disc-golf course a few years ago.

Maya: likes to be sweet and friendly, then take your hand off.  Except me. She loves me. And Adrian (most of the time).  She's almost 16 and it took about 14 years before she became a nice cat.

     You can see who's in charge in this house...

There are some other pets but they aren't cute and cuddly.  We'll save them for another time.