Not Your Typical Bridal Blog: Offbeat Bride

To keep up with wedding trends, I often surf wedding blogs, generally being overwhelmed by information, ideas, photos, ideas, colors, ideas, and so on.   I can only imagine how a bride feels!  Sign up for one thing and you're quickly drowning in wedding STUFF!  It's enough to make you dread wedding planning.

Recently, however, I came across this site: OFFBEAT BRIDE.  I like it because it gives some great ideas for ways to personalize your wedding.  I mean really personalize it.  We're not just talking about color choices or whether you should have chair covers or just bows here, but non-white dresses; themed weddings; and really unique touches to make your wedding about you!  

From their site...
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If Offbeat Bride's ethos had to be boiled down, it would be this:

  • We aim to provide positive encouragement to couples who are trying to retain their identities through the drama and pressure of wedding planning.
  • We believe that no two weddings need to look the same, because no two couples are alike.
  • We believe that your wedding isn't a contest — there's nothing to prove except for that you love your partner.
  • We love really awesome photography.
  • We want to prove that online wedding planning communities don't have to be snarky, bitchy places where women decree each other tacky.
  • We support couples all along the nontraditional spectrum — from beautiful hardcore freaks & geeks all the way to what we affectionately call "Offbeat Lite." Your wedding should be a reflection of YOU, not other people's expectations or tastes — that includes us!

NOTE: some adult language used

Check out the site...then call me when you're ready for some offbeat flowers.