The Florist Lasted

The following is by Hannah Cook...the most recent addition to the Rose of Sharon Team and budding florist extraordinaire!

Hannah--writing her
 first blog post
It all started a year ago when I myself was a young, wide eyed bride looking for a florist for my wedding.  My mom, aunt, and I had been driving around Northwest Arkansas all day looking for wedding ideas when my sister told me that I just had to go see Thea at Rose of Sharon.  Now by this time I was exhausted and well, if you've ever been a bride, wedding planning with your mom and her sister can be rather stressful.

You see my mom is one of those women who think that they can cut corners and cost on EVERYTHING by making it themselves.  After hearing my mother say, "I can do that, I can make that, you don't need to hire them, I can make that" about everything, well I just knew that meeting with a florist would not be any different.

So I made the long trip down to the Airport to meet with Thea on a Saturday afternoon.  As we sat there discussing flowers (and I even think she threw in a little relationship counseling for free!)  I must admit that I had no clue what I even wanted or what looked good.  And as I can recall, my mom and aunt changed everything that I thought I wanted.  Thea worked hard with us and we finally settled on a white and red tulip theme.  Yes I know, tulips for a late June wedding, I don't know what I was thinking. . .or wasn't.

Thea was awesome and I knew she was a keeper.  Heck, she even stuck with me after I changed my budget on her about 15 times (okay more like twice).   Months passed and I was a good little bride who begged her daddy to pay off the cost of the flowers as my due date came close.  Thea would always answer all my questions and emails!  I don't think I was bridezilla but she might have a different story. . .

March came around and the wedding date in June was getting closer and closer then. . . .


That's the sound that my life made as it blew up in front of me. 

Well one thing led to another and then the wedding was cancelled and our relationship was over.  However, Thea was very gracious and gave me a full refund, minus my deposit (which I'm still waiting for even though I know I signed a contract that said she could keep it, okay fine I guess she can keep it). 

I just knew my summer was going to be torture when my sister suggested that I start working for Thea.  Little did I know that this was the best thing for me!  After one day I knew that I wasn't going anywhere and that she wasn't going to let me go anywhere. Somehow I feel that I'm suppose to be here and I love the trade. 

Needless to say, the fiance didn't last but the florist did.