In Gratitude...Nurturing a New Florist

I started working in a florist shop (I can't say 'working as a florist' because I really didn't have any skills yet) in 1994. Manny, the original owner of the shop and a florist with 36 years of experience, was kind enough to take me in under his wing. He taught me everything from how to wire a rose, to how to make a funeral spray, and how to wire and tape a bridal bouquet. Manny gave me a strong foundation while he nurtured a long-lasting love for the art of floral design. Without Manny's instruction and guidance there is a very good chance that I would not have become a florist and would not have a career that I love.

Now I have the opportunity to share this gift. Hannah has been working for me for almost three months. In this short time, it's obvious that she has a natural talent and gift for floral design. With some guidance and background in the fundamentals, Hannah will blossom into an extraordinary florist herself.

So, we’re starting an apprenticeship where Hannah will be learning the basic techniques and the fundamentals of floral design. As she learns new techniques, she will be making arrangements for practice. The arrangements she makes will be posted for sale on Facebook at a discounted price. Feel free to leave comments, critiques, and buy these arrangements to support and encourage Hannah's progress.

Today's Lesson: The Bud Vase (You can't get any more basic than that!)

Short Daisy Bud Vase

Tall Daisy Bud Vase

Alstroemeria Bud Vase

In a side note, I was reading Preston Bailey's blog today. Yesterday's post was titled: To Do: The Gift of Mentoring. "...For me, mentoring is about helping someone discover his or her gift. ..."
Read Preston's full post here: To Do: The Gift of Mentoring.

Hope to hear from you soon!