From Wedding Vendor to Bride: The Wrap-Up


Week 5
My last post in this series left us at minus 20 days (December 12th).  I started to post for Week 5, but quickly realized that there really wasn't much to say.  The only significant thing that happened was getting the marriage license.  Other than that, I checked napkin colors, confirmed details with the JP, finalized the catering,  and got the travel information together for the honeymoon.  Not much to write about really.  Just checking things off the list.

Week 6
The next week was Christmas.  Absolutely no planning happened this week.  We spent the week with family, doing Christmas stuff.

Wedding Week!
* Monday: Minor details finalized. Payed vendors. Confirmed appointments for pampering.
* Tuesday: nothing wedding related, regular work day.
* Wednesday: flowers arrived.  Unfortunately, some of the flowers that I wanted, weren't available.  But my supplier always has great stuff, and since I wasn't set on anything specific, I made some changes and went with it.
* Thursday: Designed wedding flowers.  Hannah and Walt came in to help.  I designed my bouquet, Jason's boutonniere, and the bouquets for Adrian and Michelle.  Hannah took care of the centerpieces, and Walt worked on the ceremony setting pieces.  Everything came together beautifully!
(My bouquet, Jason's Boutonniere, Adrian's Bouquet, Michelle's Boutonniere)

Jason took care of the playlist today.   We decided to use an iPod because we just wanted background music, no dancing.

* Friday: Pampering Day!  Picked up my dress, and then spent some time with Adrian getting our nails done. (I love a good manicure and pedicure!).  My girlfriends took me out for massages and dinner for the perfect last-day-of-non-marriage.

Throughout the week, I was asked over and over about being stressed out.  But I wasn't.  Karie handled all the set-up details, and kept telling me to enjoy myself because everything was being taken care of.  I really feel like the only pre-wedding work I did was designing the flowers...and that's because I wanted to!

* Saturday: WEDDING DAY!  This day was absolutely perfect.  I can't think of a single thing that went wrong or that I would have changed.  Every vendor was great; every guest had a good time.  During the ceremony (OK, during Jason's vows), there wasn't a dry eye in the place.  As soon as I get the photos,  I'll share. On Monday, we left for Jamaica. 'nuff said!


Things I'll be passing along to my clients:
> Hire a coordinator!  Worth every penny...especially during the last week.
> Don't be traditional unless that's who you truly are.  I'm not, Jason's not.  Having a traditional wedding would have felt off.  Instead we went with who we are and had a great time.
> Service matters!  Seeing the vendors through bride eyes brought home just how important this is.  I've always believed this and I always strive to provide great service for my clients, but now I KNOW how important it is.
> Hire a coordinator!  


The Wonderful Vendors
coodinator: Karie Sutton, Weddings By Karie,
photography: Andrea Parnell,
location: Compton Gardens,
catering: Donna Welsh, Custom Catering, 479-751-8595
rentals: Eventures,
flowers: Hannah, Walt, Myself, Rose of Sharon,
rings: Israel Diamond (Tulsa),, sales associate: Ashley
my dress & attendants' dresses: David's Bridal (Fayetteville),, sales associate: Ashley
Jason's clothing: Walker Brothers,
hair: Roxie, Mayapple Salon,
makeup: Jessica, Luxe Beauty (Fayetteville),
Justice of the Peace: Michelle Blaty,