DIY--Is it for you? + Favorite Event Photos of 2010

DIY--Is it for you?
It's wedding planning season again.  Wedding season starts somewhere around May; planning season starts with the new year. Wedding planning means client consultations for us.  Lots and lots of consultations.

And in almost every consultation we discuss DIY (do-it-yourself) items.

Two things seem to be feeding this.  First is, of course, the economy.  DIY is seen as a way to cut costs and save a bit of money.  But also, there seems to be a trend towards making wedding more personal.  

What could be more personal than being surrounded by items hand-made by you, your friends, and your family?  Whenever I meet with a client who feels this way, I applaud them.  These are the clients I want to help and to work with.  Bring me your ideas, bring me your creativity.  Let me work with you on securing the materials you need.  Ask me questions about how to do something.  Your day will be meaningful and beautiful because of your passion, your vision; because of YOU!

But for the client who is trying to save money, I ask this:  Is it really worth it?  After you add up all the costs of purchasing ALL the materials; after the stress that is added by putting ONE more thing on your to-do list; after you spend hours working on something, only to realize you don't have a creative bone in your it worth it?  If so, go for it!  You will be adding a part of YOU to your wedding; something few (any?) couples regret.  And if it's not worth it, good for you for realizing it!  Hire a professional to handle it (whatever 'it' is) and save the yourself the added stress that can come with trying to do something you don't want to do, don't like doing, or just don't know how to do.

Sometimes, in the long run, cheaper isn't less expensive after all.


Some of my favorite items from 2010