From Wedding Vendor to Bride: The Photos

I promised photos from the wonderful Andrea Parnell.  Of course, she sent me the first web-ready photos a few weeks ago, but I got busy working on other weddings and completely forgot to post these!  So here you go...a few photos from our wedding on 1/1/11.
Mom helping me get ready.

Michelle and hairspray--NOT my favorite beauty item!

Giving Adrian my special gift.

Jason making everyone (including himself) tear up.


A quite family moment after the ceremony.

One of my favorite photos.

With Karie (Wonderful coordinator!) and Hannah  (Florist -in-training)

Andrea Parnell (photographer) & Karie Sutton (coordinator)
My bouquet--a full length cascade.

Feather hairpiece

Michelle's bouquet...I finally found some carnations she likes.

Adrian's Bouquet.  These are the flowers I wanted to use, but only got the one bunch.

Jason's boutonniere: succulent and hyacinth blooms.

My Vows.

A hug from Dad.