Holiday Gift Wrapping Services!

The 'Hustle & Bustle' of the Holiday Season sometimes takes away from our time to gather with friends & family to celebrate....  This year, make time for Holiday Cheer by letting us "Wrap Up Your Holidays" in style! 

The Rose of Sharon Event Florist
Gift Wrapping Services!!!  

We offer any style of wrapping to fit your requests!  Whether you have an exact idea in mind, or want us to create the idea for you, we will create the perfect wrapped art to go with your perfect gift!  Call us today to schedule your wrapped art at (479) 973-0588 or email us at

Classic / Unique / Trendy
No project too big or too small
Personal & Holiday Gift Wrapping
Corporate Gift Wrapping

Base Pricing Starting At:
Small:            $4.00 & Up      (5"x5"x3")
Medium:         $7.00 & Up      (10"x10"x5")
Large:            $10.00 & Up    (12"x12"x 5")
X-Large*:       $14.00 & Up    (16"x16"x6")
         *All larger items will be custom quoted

Materials Included in Base Prices Above:
  • Standard Paper
  • Standard Ribbon & Bow
  • Basic Gift Tag
Premium Additions:
  • Boxes for irregular shaped items
  • Premium foil paper
  • Eco-Friendly paper
  • Custom Created Bows
  • Custom & Premium Gift Tags
  • Ornaments and Silk Floral Stems
  • Decorative Gift Boxes (no paper)

Pick up OR Delivery Services Available:
  • $0.75/ mile (from Drake Field in Fayetteville) - Minimum  $10.00
  • You may drop off or pick up your packages at any scheduled time! 
2 day service is standard turnaround time, however expedited services are available.  Call us today to schedule your pick up or drop off at (479) 973-0588 or email us at   

Happy Holidays!