Prom 2012

This cute couple wore a coordinating corsage and boutonniere.

Ahh. Prom is complete! Every year the hustle and bustle of prom takes over the shop. Our tables were full of beautiful flowers just waiting to be wired, taped, and turned into a beautiful creation for the our young lads and ladies to wear. This year the theme was originality, long gone are the days of roses and coordinating ribbons, corsages and boutonnieres are now fashion pieces that are almost as important as the dress/tux that is worn.

Here are a few of our TOP favorites, and believe me - it was tough to choose just a few.

Boutonniere composed of Button Mums and Carnations. 

Corsage composed of Phalenapolis Orchid painted gold  and Stephanodis.

Matching Clutch and Corsage composed of Roses,  Hyacinth and  Baby's Breath.
Custom clutch designed by Eileen Jennings.

Ring composed of Spray Rose and rhinestones.

Corsage composed of blue tinted Dendrobium Orchids. 

Boutonniere composed of Bear Grass and Button Mum with custom wire art background.

Boutonniere composed of Bear Grass, Dendrobium Orchid, and tinted Pittisporum.