Birthday Week!

It's Birthday Week!!

As we mentioned last week, there are two birthday's in our shop this week -- Althea's and Farron's. Of course, we love birthdays because it's another excuse for us to get flowers, but what's even better is that we get to have the arrangement of our choice using our favorite flowers! However, we don't stop at a bouquet of flowers that's placed in a vase. We want a CENTERPIECE! Something that we can use during our birthday party (because you are never to old to have a birthday party), and still have during the weeks to come. Something that is a great representation of our personality and the celebration of another year.

Unfortunately, the market for birthday flowers has greatly drooped, and our saddest regret is when someone falls victim to a mass-produced bouquet. Granted, life happens and sometimes we forget to plan ahead until the day of, but that doesn't mean you can't still have great flowers on your special day. Many florists (including us) have extra flowers from past events that we can create into something great for you or your loved one last minute, and we can even deliver if given enough notice. Or you can call months ahead and order your arrangement and the shop will take care of everything come the day of. 

So, as you are planning your party, or someone else's, keep in mind that flowers can add that final touch to your event and are something that you can custom create to reflect your personality or their's! And because we simply can't have a post without showing you some great floral are a few of our favorites for you!

For the person who loves red and white! The great thing about this arrangement is it can be clustered together or stand on it's own! Image from Corea Sotropa.

This is a great birthday arrangement for someone wanting something glam and PINK! Thanks to Gigi Noelle Events.
This is a great birthday example for someone who loves all this vintage! Thanks to Rose of Sharon and  Rachel Blackwell.