Flower of the Month: August - Gladiolus

Happy August! As we all know, the heat has been bearing down on us the past few months and with August arriving that means our hottest month is finally here! So, take a break and enjoy the refreshing blooms that Gladiolus (Glads) provide.

Glads are a favorite flower among florists because they are a hearty cut flower and can withstand the extreme heat that we get here in the South when properly used in an arrangement. They are a great flower to use when you are needing to add height to an arrangement, and the best part is they come in a HUGE range of colors and variegations.

Glads mixed with Birds of Paradise provide height, depth, and a softness to the tropical arrangement. 
Gladiola blooms add a delicate texture to this modern centerpiece.
Since, the blooms grow individually on a stalk they can easily be removed from the stalk without affecting the other blooms. This provides florists with the great ability of using the individual blooms in bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.


Modern red Gladiola boutonniere

This boutonniere is made from a Glad bloom that was taken apart and put back together around a Calla Lily.

This lovely bouquet has Gladiola blooms mixed with Roses and Dusty Miller.