Inspiration vs. Reproduction

The hot word in event & wedding planning right now is inspiration, and with the never-ending amounts of information on the web it's easy to find something that fits your style and ideas. However, what so many people are now getting caught up in is finding something they like and trying to recreate it. Very few people realize there is a difference in reproduction and inspiration.

As florists, we appreciate when our clients bring us pictures of things they like, but want to make it their own by using different flowers, colors or even a different style using the same flowers. Unfortunately, we find that more and more of our clients come to us wanting us to reproduce someone else's work. Though we may be able to reproduce a picture, it will never be exactly the same because we aren't the same person. Floral work is an art and the designs or textures used in an arrangement come from the florist's own inspiration. Another reason the work may not be the same is because flowers are never the same twice. It's like a snowflake, no two are flowers are exactly the same.

All of this information is not to discourage you from searching for inspiration, it's quite the opposite actually. We want you to do research before we meet with you, the more you know about what you like and don't like, the better we can create something for your event that is unique to you. Even as florists, we have our own inspirations that we use to draw new ideas from.

The inspiration photo
The bouquet we created

Be sure to stay tuned for other posts we have planned that will hopefully help you navigate the web in search of the perfect inspiration for your event!