Happy National Boss Day, Althea!!

Happy National Boss Day, Althea!!!

Here at the studio, we are pretty sure that we not only have the coolest jobs, but also, the best boss around! We are very happy to introduce you to who our boss is for us!

is for her Artistic flair

 is for how her Laughter can fill the room

is for her Tenacious Teaching skills

is for her ability to be Honest & Helpful at the same time

is for her Effervescent attitude & her Expert Eye

is for Althea, in all ways Amazingly Awesome!

We hope that you also have a great boss, and that you've stopped to remember how much they do for you. So, with our boss in our minds, we present you with a few of her favorite inspirations. :) Now, go find your boss and say "Thanks!"

Enjoy Althea's favorites!!!