Happy October!

Even though the first day of Fall was technically in September, it's common for most people to view October as the real beginning to Fall. Already, we are seeing shorter days, the leaves changing colors around us, and the crisp frost in the early morning. So, in honor of this amazing season, we have pulled together some of our favorite inspirations for centerpieces and bouquets alike!

It's common to get stuck in the "theme" for fall, but it's not necessary. Any florist can help you come up with flowers for your Fall event that can still bring in the rich tones of this season without resorting to pumpkins and gourds. (Not that there is anything is wrong with pumpkins in a centerpiece, but isn't it fun when you surprise people by avoiding them!) Our most important tip and advice that we give to people when they are planning something during the season: go with what makes you think of Fall and pull in those textures and colors. And remember, just because you see an idea in the form of a bouquet doesn't mean you can't turn it into an amazing centerpiece!

**This collage is a collection of designs that we find inspires us.**