Happy National Poinsettia Day!

Traditional Red Poinsettia

Today marks the celebration of Poinsettia's. These beautiful star-shaped red flowers have become a world-wide symbol for Christmas.

Poinsettia Greenhouse
The poinsettia was introduced to America in 1828, but didn't become popular at Christmas time until the 1960's. It began making it's appearance during the holiday's on television thanks to shows like The Tonight Show and the Bob Hope Christmas Special. As one can tell, the poinsettias have only become more popular since it's humble beginning.

While originally available only in red, new varieties are now available in white, pink, red, burgundy, and mixes of these colors.  My favorite is the 'Winter Rose.'

Varieties available from our favorite local grower.
Poinsettias are delicate plants and don't really hold up well over long shipping distances or with sever temperature changes.  Luckily, we have a wonderful local grower for all our poinsettias.  Westwood Gardens has been growing Poinsettias for years and always have a wonderful selection.  

Before we wrap up this post, we wanted to make sure and squelch the rumor of the plant being poisonous  It does secrete a latex like substance from it's stems after being cut away from the main plant.  While the poinsettia is not recommended for consumption humans, it would take a massive amount of bracts (the red part of the flower) to make a child sick.

Enjoy your poinsettias this year!

For more information about poinsettias check out the following links.

**Top photo via web, multiple sources. Other photos via www.westwoodgardens.com**