Poinsettias - not just your average Christmas plant

It's that time of year again - Christmas! And with Christmas comes the call for Poinsettias probably the most recognized flower for winter time since the 1960's. As florists, we often get calls from people wanting to order Poinsettias for a loved one in lieu of an actual arrangement. Some people, though, would prefer not to get the plant considering they don't want the mess of a plant in the middle of their dinner table. Well, we have good news for those people -- we can actually incorporate the "flower" of the Poinsettia into a larger arrangement that can be used on a table without worrying about the dirt and mess from a plant.

Below we have included a few simple ideas that we plan on using as our own Poinsettia inspirations this year! And don't forget to order your Poinsettia or Poinsettia arrangement before National Poinsettia Day!

This simple arrangement turns the traditional decor into a clean, modern centerpiece. All you have to do is cut the "flower" to your desired length and float it in water. If you singe the end of the stem, the bloom will last longer.
These Poinsettia gifts are adorable! 
This is similar to the first picture. But instead of using vases and bowls here they used crystal stemware. 

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