Flower of the Month: January - Carnation

This is a collection of work that we have done recently incorporating Carnations. My favorite? The soft frilly peach Carnations.

This month we want to celebrate carnations. Rarely do we think of the carnation as "nice" flower, in fact, we tend to associate them more with our high school proms, funerals, and the gas station special. And any Sex and the City fan can tell you in the words of Ms. Charlotte York about her date, “I knew it was going to be terrible, the man brought me carnations...the filler flowers." From that moment on, any chance of the carnation being seen as more than a cheap flower was over. Or so we thought, over the past few years we have watched the carnation being reborn. 

Carnations offer so many benefits when used in a flower arrangement. They are, by far, one of the most resilient flowers while also offering a wide range of fantastic colors and eclectic versatility. Another great bonus to using carnations is the texture they can provide to an arrangement. The frilly edges of a carnation can add a great soft element to a bouquet or arrangement that has clean edges to it. Or if you really want to make an impact, look for some of the more uncommon Carnation varieties.

This bouquet appears to seem Carnation free. This is untrue - the Carnation we used in this bouquet is called a Green Trick. Can you guess which one we are talking about? (Hint: it appears to be "furry".)

Maybe Carrie was right in her response to Charlotte's "filler flower" comment, maybe carnations are in fact "making a comeback."

For more ideas about how to use Carnations, check out our Pinterest board! We are constantly adding new inspirations. 


This collage is dedicated to Carrie and her love for pink carnations. These arrangements definitely make carnations a "comeback."
*These images come from Google*