Come tiptoe through the tulips with me...

We have a huge love affair for tulips at the studio. They are one of our top favorite flowers during the late months of winter and early spring. Unfortunately, there are many people who believe tulips are only available during spring, however, the best months for tulips are actually January through March. This is when the blooms are at their heartiest and most colorful stages.

Tulips can be found in a wide range of color, texture, and size. And while some tulip varieties are best for garden-use only, most tulips can be used in cut arrangements beautifully. The coolest thing about tulips is that they continue to grow after they've been cut which is great if you are wanting an arrangement that can last a while.
The ruffled tulip, or parrot tulip, is probably the most popular variety of tulip after the Dutch, or standard, tulip. The parrot tulip was made popular by the book New Moon by Stephanie Meyer.
If you are choosing to use tulips for an event, it is important that you talk with your florist about the design you want. While tulips are great for contemporary designs you must keep in mind that these flowers have a little mind of their own and are known for moving towards the light. So, if you are wanting a design that is going to be extremely sleek and with clean lines make sure you tell your florist so they can prepare the tulips to better stay in place.

Because we can't finish a blog without providing you with beautiful images, enjoy our inspirations and remember to always tiptoe through the tulips.


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