Do you follow our Pinterest?

Everyone who is anyone has a Pinterest account. Celebrities, creatives, and even stay-at-home's use this social media site on a regular basis.

We are constantly "pinning" for our clients and ourselves. In fact, we encourage our clients to get a Pinterest account if they don't already have one and use it to plan their event. It's a great way for us as florists to see what a client likes, is inspired by for their event, and to communicate with them by showing them pictures of our own ideas for them.

This is just one way we use Pinterest. Possibly our favorite way, however, is by sharing our inspirations. As floral designers, our minds are constantly swimming with ideas. We have designed thousands of centerpieces, arrangements, and bouquets in our minds, and now we have a way to share those ideas with our followers.

So -- the big question is -- do you follow our Pinterest?! If not, you should. You can see our boards for certain flowers, past events, and current inspirations. So, come along now, and follow us. We promise we won't lead you astray and we promise to keep you current on the trends in the floral market!