Inspiration of the Day: Cakes

The trend of placing fresh flowers on your wedding cake (or any special celebration cake) has went through several transitions over the years as styles have changed. For us, this is great! (And for the bakers and clients as well.) We have seen some beautiful cake florals, and we have definitely heard of our share of calamities. Here are a few of our tips for choosing fresh floral for your cake:

1. Do your research. Find cakes you like and cakes you do not like.

2. Have an open conversation with your baker and florist about the details of having fresh flowers on your cake. (i.e. What flowers match your wedding style and cake best? Which flowers work best on cakes? etc.)

3. Most importantly: have a professional put the flowers on your cake. Make sure either your florist or your baker will be putting the flowers on your cake. You do not want someone who has never put flowers on a cake to do this. There are structural things that need to be done to ensure that the flowers stay on your cake and that your cake stays standing.

If you are using a professional florist and baker, they will work together on what needs to happen and who will do what. This will keep you from having to worry about these details, and all you will need to do is pick your cake and most importantly: your flowers!

Enjoy a few of our current inspirations and be sure to follow us on Pinterest for all of our inspirations!!!

Image via Joyful Weddings and Events.

Image via Sedona Cakes.

Image via Wedding Chicks.