Walton Arts Center

Being allowed the privilege of saying I am the exclusive florist for the Walton Arts Center is a serious business and an exciting one. It’s not (completely) about the credit and it's certainly not about showing off.  It is a position of responsibility, albeit a fun responsibility. It’s about knowing a venue intimately, knowing what works well in the right places--and what doesn't.  It's about knowing the rules, regulations and preferences of the venue.  It's about earning the trust of the staff and event planners and about working to make sure they enjoy the relationship as much as we do.  

After several years working closely with the wonderful staff, we are very proud to now be the EXCLUSIVE florist of the Walton Arts Center! 

Reception piece - Starr Theater

After Artosphere: Repurposed design elements for
Art of Wine, Baum Walker Hall  

Reception Piece, Starr Theater

Art of Wine Centerpiece

Art of Wine, 2013. Photo by Hudson Photography.