Not Your Mother's Corsage

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a corsage?  Automatically I picture a woman wearing a giant flower and bow combination either pinned to her collar or on her wrist.  We have all seen the pictures of your mom at her high school homecoming or prom.  Sometimes it is even harder to tell: which is bigger, the flower or the hair!

Corsages today have changed and evolved drastically from the ones I mentioned above.  A corsage was originally a bodice of a woman's dress.  Women often wore flowers in the middle of the bodice and thus the corsage that we know today was named.  A corsage is given and worn for several occasions.  Corsages at weddings were first used as a way to ward off evil spirits in ancient Greece.  In today's times, corsages are given to mothers, grandmothers, and other women who are important and influential to the bride.

In the 20th century it became common for women to be presented with a corsage by their escort to a dance.  Since the style of dresses has changed to include strapless and spaghetti strap dresses, corsages are now typically worn on the wrist.

As I mentioned earlier, corsages have changed since their beginnings.  Women and their dates are now able to choose between different styles, colors, and items to be placed in the corsage.  Younger women tend to prefer the more modern look and adorn their corsages with jewels, feathers, and charms while as older ladies tend to prefer the more traditional look with ribbons.

Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary, there is a corsage out there for your liking!

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