Switch Up the Thanksgiving Decor this Year

There may not be another holiday that is more based in tradition than Thanksgiving. Between the family, turkey, filling, sweet potatoes, football, parade and décor scheme there is little that changes from year to year. While the rest of the year the formal dining room may gather dust and the kitchen table may be a rotating door of friends and family, one day a year everyone gathers in the dining room, that same person carves the turkey and the family over eats. In the background there may be the sounds of the first sounds of Christmas music on the radio, the announcements from the Thanksgiving parade or the whistles, grunts and cheers from a football game.

Take a small step away from tradition this year and switch things up a little. Before you panic, I am not talking about swapping out the turkey for tofu; I am talking about the color scheme on your table. Instead of focusing on the darker oranges, plums and burgundy this Thanksgiving, switch it up and use more peach, violet and yellow to brighten up your house as the family arrives to carve the turkey.

Traditionally the day’s color scheme tend to mimic the food that covers the table. Fall has come with beautiful burgundies, burnt oranges and rich plums, colors as rich and delicious as the foods of the season. We hold no grudges against these rich colors, in fact, we used them many times in the spring, but since we have already broken the “laws” of seasonal colors, why not bring a little bright onto the Thanksgiving table.

Try replacing out some of those rich burnt oranges for a softer peach and those rich plums for a brighter violet. Add some sunny yellow to bring that earthy atmosphere to your table. You can even add a touch of magenta to hold on to that deep rich color while keeping it bright and light.

HolidayAlthea WilesComment