Let Us Help You DIY and Be Your Backup Plan

Some brides are completely on board with the DIY fad, at least until the week of the wedding. As the date gets closer and life works the way it always does (i.e., nothing goes as you planned) some DIY brides find themselves with too much to do and not enough time to get it done. We have had brides come in a few weeks before, or even the week of the wedding, in a complete panic over making their own centerpieces or bouquets.

If you are a DIY bride I have a piece of advice for you, but before I tell you I must put a little disclaimer here. (This is not a “buy from us because we said so”. As a DIY bride myself I completely expect to find myself in a panic at least once before my wedding and that either my fiancé, maid of honor or mom will have to calm me down and help me find an alternative idea/solution.) With that said here is my piece of advice: Order your BULK FLOWERS with us! Look at why…


1.       Even for DIY brides, we will sit down with you and discuss what you want, the look, the flowers, the budget. We create an inspirational board on Pinterest for every one of our brides. (This comes in handy later.) We make a game plan and help you figure out how many bundles of your flowers you will need. No ordering 6 bundles of delphinium when you only need 3, or ordering 3 when you need 6.

2.       As a florist we are able to get a much wider variety of flowers than many other “bulk flower” places, like garden roses, ranunculus, sunflowers and irises.

3.       We clean and process all the flowers when they come into our shop. This means they will be all ready for you to start designing with them. Less work for you. (We cut and clean our flowers and let them sit in food water for at least two hours before we start designing with them. This will already be done for you.)

4.       We can also set you up with anything else you need to create your bouquets, centerpieces and anything else you are doing. Check it out! We also have a rental policy for some of our hard goods, like vases, wood rounds and flameless candles.

5.       Many DYI projects can be done months in advance. Arrangements and bouquets with fresh cut flowers is not one of them. Because of their limited life span it takes a higher level of planning to DYI flowers for a wedding. This makes it one of the last DYI project to get done, only a day or two before the wedding. This is often one of the first projects overwhelmed DYI brides decide they do not want to handle themselves. If you find yourself overwhelmed or simply decide that you want to have as little to do that close to the wedding as possible, then we already know what your vision is. (Remember that consultation before we ordered flowers?) We also already have the flowers. During the middle of wedding season it can be difficult to find an available florist, convey your vision and hope they are able to get your flowers in such short notice.

Like I said, not just a shameless plug. If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, you make a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t go the way you planned, why not have a built in back up plan for DIY flower?