2015 Wedding Trends: Foliage

 Usually when planning a wedding you plan the dress, the venue, the food and the flowers, but in 2015 floral trends are either lush and full flowers everywhere or lots of the green stuff. I doubt there will be a day were weddings are completely lacking in flowers but the green stuff is becoming a front runner in wedding décor this year. Everything from ivy, seeded eucalyptus and ferns to moss, succulents and cabbage is making its way into the wedding scene.

Foliage gives a reception a light and airy feel, creating an informal and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for the bohemian and woodland trends. Brides are asking for bouquets with more foliage and less flowers, and flowers that blend in with the foliage, creating the look of all foliage.

For some brides, the foliage is the focus on the reception tables, instead of flowers. Centerpieces are composed mostly of foliage or brides are opting for garlands of foliage as table runners.  Even alter décor can be created with foliage. Arbors with curtains and foliage tie backs are popular this season and some even use lush planters as alter décor for their ceremony. Foliage garlands can be used to frame the aisle and tiebacks on the chairs add a bit of the green pop to any ceremony.

Brides who want a little extra pop are hanging foliage, whether from trees or inside tents. The hanging garden hangs above the reception tables or the sweetheart table (another popular trend this season).

Photograph by Christian Oth

Photograph by Christian Oth