How to Care for Your Cut Flower Arrangement

Fresh arrangements are beautiful but they are not meant to last. Florists have a few tricks up their sleeves to help cut flowers last a little longer.

1.       Make sure to check the water level in your flowers every day. An arrangement with many flowers will pull lots of water and some flowers are very “thirsty” and go through water faster than others.

2.       Replace the water in your arrangements every 3 days. When the water becomes cloudy, change the water. If your florist sends a package of floral food with the arrangement, it should be added to the vase when water is replaced. (Follow the directions on the package for best results.) You can also pick up floral food at your florist to help prolong your flowers.

3.       Some flowers last longer than others. If a flower or foliage is dead in the arrangement, remove it. This will help the remaining flowers look fresher.

4.       Florists keep flowers in coolers until they are sold. Heat accelerated the dying process, so keep your flowers away from heaters, heat producing appliances and direct sunlight.

5.       Recut the stems of the flowers. A fresh cut will help the flower absorb the nutrients it needs to survive.

6.       Mist the arrangement with water. A lite mist will help hydrate the petals and leaves of the flowers.

Remember flowers are not meant to last forever. Even if the flower is never cut from the plant, it will eventually fade and die.