How do I prepare for my floral consultation?

Like so many of the decisions for your wedding, flowers are an expression of who you are. Getting exactly the right flowers that capture your desires and style can require some serious consideration. To help you with these decisions, and to be able to provide an accurate estimate for your wedding flowers, we will want to schedule a consultation. This process usually takes about an hour, depending on how much legwork you've done beforehand.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before we meet. This includes knowing your wedding date, the ceremony and reception locations, and the main colors to be used. It’s also important to have an idea of your floral budget.



KNOW YOUR DATE.  While 'sometime next May' is helpful, if you don’t have a date set, we can’t confirm our availability. We take a limited number of weddings each weekend, so having a specific date is critical. 



CONFIRM YOUR LOCATION. It is impossible to give a specific estimate for anything more than personal flowers (i.e. bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages) if your venue(s) have not been determined. Knowing the location also allows us to provide an accurate estimate for delivery and setup, as well as create the best designs for your spaces.  In addition, if you are set on a certain venue, you may decide to change the wedding date if the venue is booked. Two of our favorites Fayetteville venues include Pratt Inn & Barn and The Garden Room --but we'll work wherever you need us to!  I think the most unusual place was a cave in Newton County, AR and the furthest (so far) was Dallas, TX. 



BLUSH & PINK? WHITE & GREENERY? PASTELS? DUSTY LAVENDER? While your flowers can help decide and emphasize this, if you change the color of dresses worn by your attendants, there's a good chance you'll change your flowers as well. For a few couples, the flowers will determine the color scheme for the rest of the wedding. This is the exception, however, not the rule. It's best to have a very good idea of the colors you want before meeting with us.  

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HOW MUCH DO FLOWERS COST? This is a word that you will hear over and over when planning your wedding, and we recognize that it can be an uncomfortable subject to discuss. We ask for a budget because, more than anything else, this will help us guide you in your floral selections. While flowers are generally 10% to 15% of the overall wedding budget, the size of your wedding party, the types of flowers you pick, your style, and the importance you place on your wedding flowers will affect the specific amount you will spend on flowers. We understand that every couple has different priorities, and that flowers may not be everyone's top priority. (Although they are ours!) Giving us a realistic budget to work with and an understanding of your wants, needs, and abilities, lets us create the beauty and atmosphere you deserve at your wedding within the budget you set.

If you do not have a specific amount set aside for flowers, please let us know your overall budget and/or the amount you are comfortable spending. We'll do everything we can to meet your needs!

See How Much Are Your Wedding Flowers? for wedding pricing help.

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The one thing you DON’T need is specifics about your flowers.

It’s helpful, but not critical. During the consultation, we’ll guide you through the best options to fit your style, colors, and budget. However, it’s not a bad idea to start looking through (and gathering) pictures of flowers that you like. You don't have to know the difference between a rose, a ranunculus, and a peony--that's what we're here for. Just start focusing on flowers before you come in. Look at magazines, books, nature, blogs, and Pinterest. One great place to start: OUR PORTFOLIO. Don't worry, if you haven't started your own collection of images, we have plenty!