Food For Thought: SETH GODIN’S recent BLOG

On Sunday mornings, I like to catch up on my blog reading. Seth Godin is one of my favorite. Seth’s posts are almost always thought provoking.  Sometimes you need to sit with it a moment. Sometimes they hit you hard & fast. Sometimes they are mind-changing & sometimes they are affirming.  They’re never long, but they are always powerful. Of the 5 that I recently read, one (Digital Hygeine) was particually affirming.

These two lines, in particular resonated.

“The solution is fun and simple: find a smart person and have them watch you…”

“…power brings choices, and you may need some help with your choices.”

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Why did it resonate so much for me? Well, I’ve been working on offering mentoring/coaching recently & as with all new business ventures, I’ve had to define what I’m doing as well as why & how.  These 2 quotes define the why. Why am I offering this? Because sometimes you may need help with your choices & sometimes you may need shortcuts & principles that come from outside experience. It’s not about knowing the One True Way. It’s about having experience and knowledge that comes from 25 years of Doing The Things AND about being willing to share it with you. Sometimes you just need someone to watch you and help you with the choices.

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