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Sue Marie + Drew | Crystal Bridges Museum Wedding
01. Erika Dotson Photgraphy. Rose of Sharon Floral Designs. blush & burgundy wedding.jpg

Crystal Bridges Museum is an incredible place for a wedding.  This Thanksgiving weekend wedding was chock-full of garden roses, eucalyptus, dusty miller, as well as standard roses and carnations (a personal favorite flower...they're just so frilly!). The peach, burgundy & blush tones were beautiful with the blue bridesmaid dresses and Most Joyful Day had the best accents with mirrors, small vases and lanterns.   


Venues: St. Joseph's Church (ceremony) + Crystal Bridges Museum (reception)

Photographer: Two Carters Photography

Coordinator: Most Joyful Day

One more.. this flower girl is just adorable! 

Vicky + Monica | Vibrant Fall Wedding at The Garden Room

Any day that I get to use the Free Spirit roses is a good day.  Vicky and Monica loved them, too and we sprinkled them liberally around the Garden Room.  Paired with orange tulips and Flame calla lilies, it was a VIBRANT wedding for two lovely ladies.  

01. Bright fall centerpieces. Free spirit roses. Mellow Yellow Photography. Rose of Sharon Floral Designs. The Garden Room..jpg


Venue: The Garden Room

Photographer: Mellow Yellow

I snapped a couple photos myself as we were setting up.  Decorating the mantle at the Garden Room is one of my favorite things...and those Free Spirit rose--LOVE!

Katie + Max at the Garden Room | Succulent Wedding
02. Succulent & rose bouquet. Lavender + green. Jason Hudson Photography. The Garden Room. Rose of Sharon Floral Designs.jpg

Succulents are still popular!  Katie and Max used succulents to accent the organic foliage we placed on the tables, along with candles.  The personal flowers featured a mix of antique carnations (LOOK at that color!), roses & muted lavender satin ribbon. 

This wedding also shows off some of the draping options we have, which is perfect for the Garden Room, but works at other venues as well. 


Venue: The Garden Room

Photographer: Hudson Photography

(2nd row by Rose of Sharon)