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Nature's Coloring Skills

Pinterst. I love it. I've loved it since is started.  There's no better way to gather all the inspirations together for a wedding.  BUT it does have have some pitfalls.  

One of the biggest issues I run into when working on wedding plans is the expectation of color.  Pinterest shows us photo after photo of beautiful wedding flowers.  Brides pick colors for their wedding and then start matching  flowers to these colors.  The problem is that Nature isn't always a consistent colorist.  

Take the Juliet (or Juliette-I've seen it listed both ways) garden rose. This rose is one of the most popular wedding flowers around.  Here's the photo of the Juliet rose from the David Austin website.  

photo credit: David Austin Roses

Now you might look at these and think that the photography is completely different, or any number of reasons for the difference here.  But take a look at this photo....


I ordered 'Juliette' roses from my supplier.  They had to get flowers in from two different growers.  I received these on the same day.  BOTH are Juliet garden roses.  But look at how different the colors are.  Because of different growing conditions at the different farms, the color can vary quite a bit!  

So when it comes to wedding planning, it's best to remember that Mother Nature is fickle. The same rose (by name) can be very different colors.  Rather than requesting a very specific color AND variety, be a bit flexible in your planning.  Request a specific variety because you love the shape, the fragrance, the color range. But if you want a specific COLOR, request the color and let us research the best option for your event!