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True Love Tuesday: Morgan & Matt
PhotoLovePhotography. Plum protea bouquet

Morgan is  former employee.  As a florist, she knew exactly what she wanted in her wedding flowers!  Of course, this made it fun for us, because we got to play with some things that we rarely use in wedding around here. 

Ok, so the succulents are popular, but the protea are different.  Along with this, Morgan and Matt used antique hydrangeas and a variety of plum-toned summer blooms. 


Venue: Pratt Place Barn

Photographer: Photo Love

Morgan & her bridesmaids. Don't you just love that Tillandsia in her bouquet?!

Wednesday What's In It?

You've probably looked at a bouquet before and wondered what just what are the names of those beautiful blooms.  

In this bouquet:

  • Fritallia: Available Jan-Mar
  • Hellebore: Available Jan-Mar
  • Pieris Japonica: Available Feb-Apr, Aug-Oct
  • Fringe Tulip: Available Dec-May
  • Calla Lily: Available all year
  • Anemone: Available Dec-Apr


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