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Wednesday What's In It?

You've probably looked at a bouquet before and wondered what just what are the names of those beautiful blooms.  


Photo courtesy: Mallory Berry Photography

In this bouquet:

  • Garden Rose: Available all year
  • Oriental Lily: Available all year
  • Dollar Eucalyptus: Available all year
  • Eryngium: Available all year
  • Dried Wheat: Available all year

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True Love Tuesday: Jennifer & Craig

Jennifer and Craig wanted a period specific Renaissance themed wedding. Keeping with the traditions of that time, we made sure everything was very natural. The mixture of Myrtle, Wheat, Ivy, and dried Lavender was the perfect combination to provide the couple with their very special look.

The bride carried a Clutch bouquet of Alstroemeria, Wheat, Lavender, Myrtle, and Ivy.

The centerpieces kept with the theme using iron candelabras, and a mix of the floral. 

Close up of Ceremony arrangements.

Ceremony arrangements were simple clutches of Wheat, Myrtle, Ivy, and Lavender.

Centerpieces for the head table consisted of bunches of Wheat with sprigs of Dried Lavender.