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Answers to your questions about our upcoming move.

In April of 1998, I started this journey and opened Rose of Sharon. Four years prior, I’d found this wonderful, beautiful and fun world of floral design. I had also known that I wanted to own my own business. And so Rose of Sharon began.

It began as a (very small) home-based business and grew into a full-time (sometimes more than full-time) business with multiple employees. Along the way, Rose of Sharon has had a few homes, including my home, at my parents’ nursery, at Drake Field Airport, and our current retail location in Johnson.

The Johnson shop was somewhat of an experiment. I’ve always loved designing for events (especially weddings). With this location, I was able to spend time deciding if I also loved retail. I’ve found that I really, truly prefer a studio model rather than a retail model for myself and for Rose of Sharon. After six years in our current location, I have decided to let go of my retail location, and return to a studio where I can focus on giving you the personal, individual attention you need to make your special moments shine.

My last day in the shop will be MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19th. I’ll be closed the rest of Thanksgiving week and moving the following week. You can still place your orders with me, and we’ll be fully re-opened at our new location on MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd.


I thought you might have some questions about what this mean for you so I’ve included more in-depth information below. If you don’t see the answer to your questions, feel free to email ( or call (479.973.0588) and ask. I’m here to help and plan on continuing the wonderful career of floral design for a very long time!


2018 Thanksgiving & Christmas

Can I order a centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table this year?

  • Yes you can. We will be open on Monday, November 19th for delivery and pick-up. But please place your order by Thursday, November 15th so that we can schedule your order. This will be a busy couple of weeks!

Can I order something for Christmas?

  • Of course! Except for Tuesday, November 20th through Sunday, December 2nd, it’s business as usual. :) Place your orders for holiday centerpieces, gifts and poinsettias at any time. We’ll have these items up on the website soon & you can call or email your order before that.

Everyday Occasions

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Hospital stays. New Baby. Etc.

Once you move, can I still order something for everyday occasions?

  • Absolutely! We don’t plan on making any changes to our basic services and we’re here to create beautiful floral designs for whatever occasion you may have in your life.

How do I order for these occasions?

Can I place an order for delivery on the same day?

  • As a studio florist, we keep our perishable product to a minimum and try to bring in flowers that are specifically requested. This ensures you get the freshest product AND flowers that are specifically what you want and like. It’s best to place your order at least 24 hours in advance (more if you have a VERY specific request). If we’re in the shop & if we have the items needed, you can place an order for same-day delivery. Web orders will require 24 hours, so if you need something sooner than that, call or email.

What if I want to pick up my order (rather than have it delivered)?

  • Since we’ll be a design studio, we won’t have regular hours. You will need to contact us to schedule a specific time for picking up your order.

Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Can I still order flowers to go to a funeral?

  • Of course! We feel that it is very important to include flowers in any memorial service. We will continue servicing all Northwest Arkansas funeral homes and we will continue create meaningful sympathy tributes for you.

Can I still order plants?

  • We will continue to offer both houseplants and mixed garden planters. These can be ordered for sympathy tributes or any other occasion.

How far in advance do I need to order flowers for a funeral?

  • Please place your order 24 to 48 hours in advance. We want to be able to provide exactly what you want and this allows us to do so. (This is not changing from our current policy.)

What if I need to order the casket spray or family pieces?

  • This will be a bit different. In the past, families needing to order flowers for a funeral were able to come in for a personal consultation. We will now schedule a video / phone consultation to discuss your specific requests.

Weddings & Events

What’s new & what’s changed?

  • Pretty much EVERYTHING about our wedding and event services will be exactly the same. The only difference will be that our initial consultation will be by video/phone. We’ve been testing this over the past year & have found that we can share images, discuss details & provide the same in-depth proposal though video/phone as we can in person. In fact, we’ve had several out-of-town clients that have greatly appreciated this service. (If you’re a hands-on type, we can schedule a time to meet in person after your event has been booked.)

I’m looking forward to this new chapter for Rose of Sharon & can’t wait to design something special for your next event…big or small!


Throwback Thursday: Things to Consider When Thinking about Your Wedding Flowers: What Can you Order?

***I found recently f ound this post when looking back through the blog.  It seemed like a good time to republish it. So I updated a couple photos & here it is!   :)***

The floral business, like the fashion industry, is about trends, what flowers are in style, what color schemes are trending and what items are popular. However, not all trends are about what is being ordered, but when it is being ordered. While brides used to order their wedding flowers 9 months to over a year in advance, now many brides are contacting us less than 6 months before their wedding. There are many possible reasons for this change but we believe a main reason is how overwhelming planning wedding flowers can be. Between what items are available, the types of flowers, colors, budget and design, there is a lot to consider.

We want to make things a little easier. Many brides are aware of about two items they can order for their wedding: their Bouquet and centerpieces. Let us help with a list of items that are available to order.



BRIDAL BOUQUET- If you know one thing about flowers and weddings, it is the bridal bouquet. Even here there are a few options on different styles

TOSS BOUQUET- Many brides like to preserve or dry their bouquet and keep it. They can’t do this if they throw it into a crowd of unmarried women. For this reason many brides order a toss bouquet. This is usually a small bouquet matching the rest of the wedding flowers.

ATTANDANT/ BRIDESMAID BOUQUETS- The number of these depends on the size of the bridal party.   Depending on the bride, these bouquets can be small versions of the brides, bouquets of a single type of flower, or a combination of only a few flowers featured in the bride’s bouquet.

CORSAGES- They are usually a grouping of 5 to 6 small blooms worn by the Mothers of the bride and groom, Grandmothers and women who help on the wedding day. These can be made to be worn on the wrist or pinned on shoulder.

GROOM’S BOUTONNIERE- This is usually a two or three bloom grouping worn by the groom, unless he is a uniform, then a boutonniere is not worn. Traditionally, the groom gives the bride her bouquet, then the bride plucks one bloom from the bouquet for the groom to wear. In order to keep the bouquet intact, we now create a boutonniere to coordinate with the bride’s bouquet.

OTHER BOUTONNIERES- These are used for Groomsman, the Ring Bearer, Fathers of the Bride and Groom, officiants, ushers and other men helping with the wedding.

HAIR PIECES- Trending right now are the floral crowns/wreaths but can also be hair combs with floral accents. The floral crowns are becoming popular for brides in place of the traditional veil. They are also adorable on flower girls.

FLOWER GIRL BASKET- Choose from loose petals and a basket for your flower girl or a little arrangement in her basket.



AISLE ARRANGEMENTS/POSIES- Line your aisle with small arrangements or posies tied to the chairs.  Small arrangements can sit on the floor/ground along the aisle or hung on Shepard’s hooks.

 LOOSE PETALS- Loose petals can be used to decorate the aisle. Have the flower girl scatter petals or create a patter or even a carpet of petals down the aisle.

ALTAR DÉCOR- Use arrangements, plants, single stem vases or garland to brighten an altar.

ARBOR- A popular trend in outdoor ceremonies is the arbor with curtain drappings and floral tie backs or simple foliage to add a little color and texture.

White wedding arbor



CENTERPIECES- There are an unlimited amount of options from tall to short, classic, lush, modern, etc. Mix it up a little and choose two or three style of coordinating arrangements to scatter throughout your reception.

ErinWilsonPhotgraphy-white organic centerpiece

ENTRYWAY ARRANGEMENT- Make a statement with a dramatic piece as guests walk in to your reception.

CAKE FLOWERS- Add a little something extra to your cake with flowers. We not recommend eating cake flowers unless you specifically order edible flowers.




White grapevine wreath

WREATHS- Perfect for any season, especially for a rustic barn wedding. Hang wreaths on the doors to your ceremony or reception. Add flowers that compliment your wedding décor, monograms and a bow.

white aisle lantern

LANTERNS- Use decorative lanterns to hold trailing arrangements.

FLORAL BACKDROP- The perfect background for pictures or cover an unsightly wall with hanging flowers, like they do in Hollywood.

Summer Baby Shower | Inn at Carnall Hall

It's not always about weddings around here.  Take this baby shower we decorated last year.  And check out those Dahlias...WOW!


Venue: Inn at Carnall Hall

Photos courtesy of Megan Boliver