Virtual Wedding/Event Assistant

Now that you're engaged, do the details of actually planning the wedding feel completely overwhelming? Are you wondering how you're going to get everything done when you already have too much on your plate? Are there parts of the planning process that are completely uninspiring and make you seriously consider just giving up and eloping?  

As your Virtual (Wedding) Assistant, we will reduce the stress of wedding planning by taking over some of the less-fun aspects...budgeting, contracts, organizing, etc.  We work behind the scenes so you can have FUN planning your perfect day!

And at the end of it all, you can be the couple who enjoyed, not only their wedding day, but the engagement, too!   


Show me the money

* Divide the Pie.  Working with you, we will create a custom spending plan for you as a couple. We can help you determine how much of that limited budget goes to each category so you don't overspend in one area and have to skimp in another.  Your spending plan will be based on what you and your partner consider important.  

* Track the Pennies.  We'll set up a budget (it's not a dirty word to us...we like budgets.  Really!!) with you. From there you can either track expenses yourself, or send us the info and we'll do the data entry.  We'll also provide you with weekly expense reports to help keep you on track.

Vendor Love

* Payment schedules. So you don't have to keep track of multiple due dates, we'll consolidate all that for you. AND send you weekly reminders of upcoming payments.  Sorry, you'll still be responsible for making the payments!

* Important dates.  If a vendor gives you an important date (like dress fittings, head-count due dates), we'll keep track of those, too.  And send you those handy reminders.

* Details, Details, Details. Let us know who you've booked. We'll keep up with contact details and other important contracts!

Friends and Family

* Lists. Need to keep up with a guest list? RSVPs, head-counts, addresses & phone numbers.  It's a lot of detail work...and details are what we thrive on.

* And More. Sending save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you cards...yep, we can do that, too!