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Rose of Sharon is hiring

Posted: 10/16/17

What it’s like to work at Rose of Sharon.

Organized. Friendly. Creative. Positive. Flexible (mostly).  It’s a fantastic place to work if you are self-driven, like a variety of jobs and duties, you’re creative, and you’re good with deadlines.  It’s not so great if you need absolute structure, aren’t creative and aren’t willing to listen to project requirements (i.e. my instructions), or are always late.  It’s also not a good fit if you’re accident prone.  We work with sharp knives, ladders and lots of glassware!

We’re about service.  It’s our goal to make the client happy and comfortable and generally less stressed when it comes to an emotional life event.  We do this with service and creativity.  Think commercial artist, not studio artist.

We work with many of our clients remotely (email, text, phone), so you need to be comfortable with interacting this way.

In the shop there’s a lot of lifting and carrying…it’s not all ‘playing with pretty flowers.’  (That’s nice, too, but it’s not all we do.)  Expect cracked and dried out hands, sore feet and long hours standing up, and allergies.

Holidays = holidays for OTHER people. It’s not uncommon (it’s really very common, actually) to have weddings on holidays.  I do keep Christmas day and Thanksgiving day free, but any other day is fair game.  But during slower times, I’m very flexible about schedules, vacations, and time off.

Same with weekends.  It’s not every weekend, but you need to be available and flexible here.

If you’re used to being micromanaged, this isn’t the place for you.  Once you prove yourself, however, I’m MORE than happy to give you freedom and autonomy in your projects.  

We work by the Golden Rule.  No judgements here.  No intolerance of others at all, really.  If you prefer to make judgements, please apply elsewhere.  

We also strive for a drama-free work place.  

What I’m looking for.

Due to a variety of circumstances, we have multiple opportunities available.  Depending on the interest and skills offered, this may translate into one, two, or possibly three hires.

Designer. If you’re applying for this position, be prepared to show your work.  If you don’t have photos of work you’ve done, please don’t apply for the designer position.  There will be a hands-on interview as well.

However, the designer position isn’t ONLY designing.  We are a small shop. That means we do some of everything…washing buckets, making deliveries, taking orders, CLEANING, wedding set-up.  If it’s part of the business, you may be asked to do it.  If you want to be JUST a designer, this isn’t the place for you.

That said, I do try to let you focus on what you prefer and what you’re good at.  But if no one here likes cleaning, we’re all going to be taking a turn at cleaning the bathroom!

General Assistant.  Social media. Sales. Marketing. Networking. Accounting. Merchandising. Planning. Organizing. Someone to do a bit of everything that I do.  Help me by taking something OFF my plate and my to-do list!

You don’t need to be a designer for this position, but it doesn’t hurt to have an artistic eye.  You do need to be organized, on top of things and good at keeping up with details. If you have a little design or event experience and shine in this area as well, this position could be a good fit for you.

Sales Manager.  If this fits you, your main focus will be on sales and marketing.  Networking. Keeping in touch with other wedding vendors and clients.  The usual sales stuff with various other jobs around the shop (see the designer description.)

If you want to learn to design, be really, really good in another area or two and we’ll work out some training.  I enjoy sharing the knowledge, I just don’t have time to train from scratch without additional design help here.

What you get

Compensation: With all of these positions, pay depends on experience.  

Hours: I am currently planning on part-time.  However, if you are a perfect fit for everything, full-time would be available.  If there’s not a perfect fit, hours will depend on duties and I’m open for discussions.

Scheduling: Flexibility of scheduling.  I generally try to work around other obligations (school, family, other part-time jobs) as much as possible.  (Major holidays and weddings  will require extra.)  Unless you can only work evenings and nights, odd schedules are probably not a deal-breaker.

Start Date: Flexible between now and the end of the year.

Personal Value: You’ll be working for a small, tightly knit team that values you as a person, your creativity, and your contributions to the team. Plus we’re locally owned.


What you need to do

Send your resume, references and photos (if you’re applying for the designer position).  Most importantly, tell me WHY I should hire you.  Tell me about YOU—what’s important to you, what you do for fun, things that are important to you.  Very little is required in this letter, however it is this letter that will convince me to give you a call.

Things you MUST include:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio if you’re applying for the designer position. You can email the link to your portfolio rather than attaching photos if that’s a better option for you.
  • Work references
  • Hours you’d prefer to work (full/part time, freelance.  Mornings, afternoons, weekends. Etc etc)
  • What you’d like to do.  (Designer, assistant, sales manager, bucket washer, Jack/Jill of all Trades, etc. etc.)
  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for Rose of Sharon/why you want the job.


Things you might include:

  • Things you’re good at.
  • Things you’re working on improving.
  • Things you enjoy.
  • Things you run and hide from whenever possible.
  • Hobbies. Fun stuff. Favorite book.
  • Things you hate (certain foods, sounds, smells, etc etc)
  • Are you an introvert? An extrovert?
  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Did you ever play the card game, ‘Memory’?  Were you any good?  
  • Are you messy? Are you tidy? Is dust your friend or mortal enemy?
  • Are you a morning person, a night owl?
  • How do you approach a project that you’re in charge of?
  • What about one that you’re working with others on?
  • What was your favorite job and why?


Please don’t call or drop-in.  Email your information to: with the subject: YOU SHOULD HIRE ME.


PS—you have to like dogs.  We have a permanent shop dog, Sam.    😊