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Northwest Arkansas Wedding & Event Floral Design Studio




Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas


our Vision

bring BEAUTY to the world.

our mission

Every floral design is created to be pleasing, unique and uplifting to the one it is intended for.

We treat everyone with fairness and integrity.  Every interaction is approached with kindness, honesty, helpfulness, & acceptance.

our values

beauty, fairness, integrity


Effortless planning + Beautiful Flowers

We deal with the details so you can focus on the wedding. 

Let’s face it, weddings are stressful! So many details, so many decisions, so many new things…no wonder you need a vacation when it’s all said and done.

For more than 20 years, our clients have consistently told us that working with us was one of the least stressful parts of the process…and that their flowers were even more beautiful than they expected!

By meticulously taking care of the details in the background, we make sure you don’t have to worry about how to best decorate the altar, Grandma’s last minute corsage, or if the color of the bridesmaid dresses will match the flowers. (Did I mention that I’m a huge fan of checklists and spreadsheets?)

By working with you throughout the wedding planning process, we make sure the floral decor meet the changing design and budget of your wedding-and there are always changes! By working with you, we create floral pieces that capture your vision of the perfect wedding—from your Bridal Bouquet and your bridal party flowers to your reception.

Our focus is on making the DETAILS EASY and the FLOWERS BEAUTIFUL. We want bring the beauty of flowers to your event and a smile to your heart. 


Our Process + What You Can Expect From Us

We work on-line so you can plan your wedding AND manage your busy life.  Many of our clients are planning from a distance or busy with school or work.  We specialize in long-distance planning...whether that distance is from your office or from across the country.  Email, video meetings, and our Client Portal make it easy for you to plan your wedding flowers around your schedule.   We take care of the details behind the scenes for EFFORTLESS PLANNING. 


Designs created based on principles of design sprinkled with creativity and mixed with your requests.

Designs are not just ‘pretty’, they are mechanically sound AND pleasing to the senses so you can enjoy the experience without worrying about your floral decor.
Service is what we’re all about.

From the first consultation, to the after-event follow-up it’s our job to make your event less stressful. And that means service, including: 
* REVISIONS—As many revisions to the details as needed. 
* RESPONSES—Timely responses to your questions. (I check email several times a day so you’ll get a response pretty quickly.)
*DELIVERY & SET-UP—We’re there to see that everything is just right.
Knowing your decor is in the hands of someone who cares is, in itself a stress reliever.

Added to that, is our dedication to you as our client. We’ll provide you with as much detail as you need to be comfortable with the planning process, answer as many questions as you may have, make as many changes as you may need...and we won’t leave you hanging. You won’t need to constantly worry about what we’re doing or how it will turn out because we’ll tell you, work with you and basically take this portion of your wedding off your plate.

High-quality flowers properly cared for—for long life, freshness and beauty.

We source our flowers from a variety of locations so that you get the best possible options. And our tried & true (and TESTED) methods of caring for your flowers lets you enjoy the beauty without worrying about anything else.
We live by the Golden Rule.

This means we’re above-board on all our interactions, we under promise & over-deliver, and we pay attention to the details...because details matter!
Integrity also means that if we, as artists feel that an idea won’t work, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll offer some suggestions, so you can make an informed decision that WORKS.
It may be your wedding, but it’s our name on the work.

This means you can trust that we will:
(a) Advise you if something won’t work and
(b)make alternative suggestions so that the end result pleases us both.
And if Mother Nature throws us a curve ball, we’ll let you know, along with why we have issues so that together we can create a beautiful event with no last minute surprises for you.