Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Flowers express the inexpressible.
— Todd Van Beck,
[The flowers for] Uncle Bill’s funeral were gorgeous! Your patience with us as we prepared for this difficult time was greatly appreciated!!
— Client, 2014

Sending flowers has long been a traditional way of giving your condolences, expressing sympathy, and showing that you care. It is often difficult for those in mourning to put feelings into words. However, flowers are the perfect visual way to express these feelings; they are a tangible way to show emotions and are considered a thoughtful expression of concern. With flowers, you can show your love, sympathy, grief and respect."Flowers express the inexpressible."*

Flowers add an aesthetic to the services that soften the setting and comfort the bereaved. Without flowers, a funeral service can be seen as 'cold.' Flowers add warmth and comfort to the funeral setting. They are a living memorial to the deceased. And in many traditions, specific flowers are symbolic of faith, often representing eternity, immortality and the transitory life of man.

See some of our creations from previous years on our SYMPATHY GALLERY.


Why send flowers?

Flowers create a background of warmth and beauty which add to the dignity of the funeral services. Sending flowers can comfort the survivors and show respect for the deceased. Flowers also have a positive impact on emotional well-being during a highly stressful time

Where do you send flowers?

Most commonly, floral arrangements are sent to the church or funeral home where services are to be held. If you were close to one member of the family or if you are sending flowers after the services have been held, flowers should be sent to the family home. Floral tributes can also be sent to the deceased person's church in their memory.

What should you send?

Send what feels most appropriate to your relationship with the deceased or the family of the deceased. If you were colleagues and knew each other only casually, sending a plant or small arrangement to the services is perfectly appropriate. Unless you specify a recipient, it will go to the family in general.

It is always appropriate to add personal touches to an arrangement to reflect the deceased person's life. If you know the flowers or colors preferred by the deceased, please request it. If you are a family member, it is appropriate to send an arrangement with a favorite flower or color or to send a piece to match the casket spray You can personalize your tribute by adding mementos of a favorite hobby or interest. Many items (from stuffed animals to sports equipment) can be added to your arrangement in creative ways. We can also create your floral arrangement in specific shapes such as letters, badges, flags, and balls. While flowers should be sent to the survivors, they should reflect something of your loved one’s life.

What do you say?

Words of sympathy are hard, however we have a few guidelines to make it easier. The cards that typically go on sympathy flowers sent to the services are a little different from those sent to a private residence. If you are sending flowers to a service, you'll probably want to keep the message simple and generic since the cards are open for public viewing. 'With Deepest Sympathy' and 'In Loving Memory' are the most common sentiments. Just signing your name or your family's name is fine. You can also include a short message, such as, 'You're in our thoughts.' or 'You're in our prayers.' If you are sending flowers to a private home, a more personal message can be included. However, our cards are small, so you'll need to keep it short.

Some common messages include:

{The Deceased} will be missed.

You are in our thoughts.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

You are in our prayers.

We're praying for you and your family during this time.

I was deeply saddened by the loss of {the deceased}.

Words alone cannot express our sympathy.

I want to extend my deepest condolences.

When do you send flowers?

As an expression of caring and concern, sympathy flowers are always appropriate. However, there are several times where flowers are most commonly sent. These include:

  • Immediately after notification of the death an arrangement can be sent to a private home or to the funeral services.

  • After the funeral services flowers can be sent to a private home or to the deceased person's church.

  • On the anniversary of the death, an arrangement can be sent to a private home or to the cemetery.

  • On Memorial Day. These arrangements are usually placed by the family onto the grave site of a loved one.

What to do 'in lieu of flowers.'

It is not uncommon to see this phrase in an obituary. It is usually meant to encourage a charitable gift. However, this does not mean you cannot send flowers. Most families appreciate all expressions of sympathy. While charitable gifts are perfectly appropriate, flowers have the added benefit of comforting the living as well as offering remembrance of the deceased.

How to order a sympathy tribute

For the Family:

During a consultation, scheduled at your convenience, we will assist you in choosing the best floral tribute to your loved one. We will review favorite colors, flowers, interests and hobbies in order to create an aesthetic that best fits the service you are planning.

Family pieces typically include the casket spray, coordinating pieces from close family members such as children and siblings, and bouronnieres for the pallbearers. These pieces can be ordered together or separately by the various family members.

Because of the importance we place on our sympathy work, and so that we may create a custom design in memory of your loved one, we recommend speaking with a designer rather than ordering on-line. Please call 479-973-0588 to order casket sprays and family pieces or to schedule a consultation.

For the Friends and Acquaintances:

Sympathy tributes can be ordered on-line or by speaking with one of our designers. When placing sympathy orders on-line, please allow 36 hours for delivery. Unless a service or visitation is on Sunday, delivery will be delayed until the following Monday.  If your order is placed less than 36 hours before service or visitation time, please call 479-973-0588 to confirm order. 

All items are available in a variety of colors. We reserve the right to make substitutions as needed for all on-line orders. All orders placed on-line for additional items will be handled with respect and concern; feel free to call to discuss any questions you may have about our sympathy pieces.